Elections of US America Election: The Card Game now available on Amazon

As many of you will remember, our collaboration with satirical political site Wonkette - Elections of US America Election: The Card Game - was a successful Kickstarter we ran in 2016, as well as our first major foray into crowdfunding and producing physical games.

Today we have a very exciting bit of news to share: the game is now available to purchase on Amazon!

We have a brand new store page on the online retailer's site, which was created in response to a number of our community who asked us to provide them this route to purchase the game.

And who are we to argue?

So if you're interested in getting hold of a copy of the game yourself, there's never been a simpler way of doing so. Head on over to our Amazon page to grab a copy, just in time for what we've got planned for the game in the coming months...