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Here are some of the clients we've worked with

Here are some of the clients we've worked with

We are one of the world's leading video game consultancies with clients ranging from The Wellcome Trust, engaging games developers with science, to The Royal Society, adding playable components to their exhibitions, to UK Parliament's Education Service advising on gaming to engage their audiences.

We work with small to large organisations to help them navigate the world of games and gaming, from devising their games strategy to producing a game jam/hack. We have a wealth of experience producing projects on a whole host of platforms, time scales and budgets.  Here are some examples of our work in this area:

  • Green Capital Digital Challenge is part of Bristol's Green Capital year of activities in 2015. The organisers wanted a major digital event to accompany it; the Digital Challenge. Auroch Digital's Debbie Rawlings produced the Digital Challenge and has helped to shape the event, which has been a huge success to date.

  • Auroch Digital organised the 'Gamify Your PhD' project. Games developers were paired with PhD researchers to explain the science of their work via the form of the game. The event was widely covered by both the games press and academics for its innovative approach to discussing science.
  • We were also commissioned by UWE to produce the XX Game Jam, the first ever all female game jam. This was at Moshi Monsters creator's Mind Candy's offices in London and featured developers from all over the UK and was a huge success.
  • The production of a live pitching panel for Develop in Brighton in 2013 for The Wellcome Trust. This was organised with the £10,000 Develop Awards so that developers applied for the grants, the chosen winners were given the money to develop the idea and pitch it to potential investors/publishers at the Develop event before a live audience.

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