Step into the combat-boots of Chainsaw Warrior - a former special-forces soldier who has been cybernetically modified to undertake the most dangerous covert missions. New York has only an hour left to live. All that is left is one man facing overwhelming odds... The original 1987 Games Workshop classic goes digital.


Available on Steam now

Pick up the game on Steam now, check out the achievements, comments from users, wishlist the game if you haven't got the resources to pick it up right now, and more!

Official game soundtrack now available for free!

We've made a two track mini album of Chainsaw Warrior’s soundtrack available for free to anyone who has purchased the original game. To add the album to your collection, simply visit the DLC page here.


Yogscast play Chainsaw Warrior!

Lewis and Duncan battle against the clock and chainsaw through hordes of zombies, rats and locked doors to save the world! 


Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night

Check out the sequel to this game, where Chainsaw Warrior has to take down a deadly alliance of moon worshippers, backed by Darkness itself!