Mankind is looking to the stars again. A new space race is underway. Now you can join those who are trying to colonise the red planet… all from the comfort of your front room!


Mars Horizon: Blast Off! is a new card game that pits you against your friends in a race to land a crew on Mars. Inspired by real space technology, this game gives you an understanding of the struggles of space travel, without the worry of having to put on a spacesuit and head into the abyss! (Psst. If you’ve been following our same themed, shared name digital version, Mars Horizon, don’t worry that is still progressing well. Both are in full development right now!)

What is the game?

Mars Horizon: Blast Off! Is a competitive card game that puts you in control of a space agency as it attempts to land a crew on Mars.

The game revolves around you managing your resources and investing in buildings, technology and vehicles to get there before anyone else.

The more missions you complete, the more research, money and prestige you can get, but bigger missions need more funding and getting there before the rest of the players requires some calculated risk taking…

An easy to learn game, with a galaxy of depth, Mars Horizon: Blast Off! is a game that can be played anywhere (even aboard the International Space Station!)  

Why are you making this game?

Back in May 2018, an idea was conceived around creating a game that could best represent some of the mission ideas we were having for the digital game, Mars Horizon. One thing led to another and  it suddenly started taking on a life of its own. Both share a theme (getting to Mars!), research, art and ideas - but now, each is its own fully fledged game.

We started play testing it and showing it off to groups (including the good people at the UK Space Agency’s Lunchtime Board Game Club!) and realise.

UPDATE: You can now read the blog all about how the game came about: Prototype to Kickstarter - The story of Mars Horizon: Blast Off!

How can I help / Kickstarter!

Fast forward to now and we have decided to bring this game to life and we need you to help back it on Kickstarter - when we launch in early 2019.

We’ve run and delivered three successful campaigns on Kickstarter before (Cthulhu Christmas Cards, Elections of US America Elections: The Card Game and Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics) which backers seemed to like - a lot!


We want you to help us with the fourth as we work towards making humanity a multiplanetary species!

The campaign starts on the 5th February and if you’ve got a Kickstarter account, you can follow us so you’ll guarantee to the be the first to hear about it! To do so simply click here and click the Follow button next to ‘Auroch Digital’. You can also subscribe to our Mars Horizon: Blast Off! newsletter and get all the information as it comes out!

+ Blog

Read our blog on the full story of Mars Horizon: Blast Off! and it's humble beginnings as a design prototype

+ Rules

Take a look at the rules for the game [PDF].