Ogre is a turn-based strategy game of mechanized warfare, requiring tactical decision-making and strategic thinking. It’s the official video game adaptation of Steve Jackson Games's legendary tabletop wargame.

What people are saying about the game?

  • “Thanks to the game, we can escape the dismal reality that we’re human, and for one shining moment know what it is like to be a massive murder-machine” - Bell of Lost Souls

  • a crowd-pleaser for the long-time faithful” - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

  • “Auroch Digital's OGRE is a faithful re-engineering of a venerable classic. You get all of the strategy and tactical action of the original absent the bookkeeping, lost game pieces, and requirement of having friends actually in your house to play.” - 8.5/10 Gaming Nexus

  • “I'm the guy who drew the original Ogre. I created the look and feel of the cybertank. Of all people I know what these things look like. And the wizards at Auroch Digital captured it perfectly!” - Winchell Chung, the original artist of the Ogre


Buy now on Steam

The Steam store page for the game, where you can check out a host of awesome screenshots, video clips, reviews and of course, purchase the game.

Steve Jackson Games Ogre page

Check out the Steve Jackson Games page for the game, with a bunch of free wallpapers available, links to Tutorials and more.

Huge Ogre update

GEV move and Mac version added, plus catch up on what we've been up to lately and will be doing over the next few months!