Develop 2012 Panel & Workshop

Wellcome has a couple of great events going on at Develop.  As well as the workshop we mentioned before, there is also a panel of the 11th too.  Here is the full information:

The Anatomy of Fun Wednesday 11 July 2012, 11:00 – 11:45 in Room 4

Chair: Jo Twist, CEO of UKIE Marek Bronstring, game design consultant, former Head of Content at SEGA Europe. Paul Croft, Co-Founder of Mediatonic Graham McAllister of Player Research Robb Rutledge, neuroscientist.

How important is fun to a game’s success? What do we even mean when we say a game is fun to play? And how easy is it to engineer fun? This panel explores the secrets to keeping players entertained and coming back for more. We hear from neuroscientists and games developers as they share their different insights and perspectives. What is science revealing about the many elements required to make an experience fun? And what do those at the front line of gaming find are the best ways to keep their players playing – whether in casual mobile games, immersive RPGs or any other gaming experience?


Wellcome Trust Workshop: How Do You Make Science, Play?

Date: Thursday 12 July 2012, 14:00 – 16:00 at Develop, Brighton

From Deus Ex to Portal, science has inspired a vast array of successful games and sometimes in quite unexpected ways. This hands-on workshop explores how contemporary science can be mined for compelling ideas by games developers, going from concept to design. Whether as the inspiration for a game or for content supporting a bigger game, this workshop will see you collaborating with top scientists from across the country to develop novel ideas.

The session includes a presentation with Preloaded as they explain how a close collaboration between games makers and content specialists resulted in their latest game, Axon. There will also be a chance to find out how you can access the Wellcome Trust’s funding streams to develop science-inspired gaming ideas further.

Please note there is limited space available for this session. If you would like to attend, please email, with subject heading ‘WORKSHOP’.