Ballot Bots Game Launches for BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

Auroch Digital, through it's innovative newsgame initiative GameTheNews has been working with BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat to produce a game tied in to the upcoming UK general election. The final result is 'Ballot Bots', a light-hearted game aimed at engaging an audience facing it's first election. The game itself is a fun, puzzle-style game in which you have to pair up the Politician bots with their respective Voters, collecting bonuses along the way which allow you more moves, and answering questions for bonus points. These questions both inform and challenge the player to take up an interest in the world of politics. The player works their way towards Downing Street through various different zones which have been highlighted as key points within this election. They are; Education, Immigration, Housing, Cost of Living and the NHS. The game features politicians from all the main parties and the regions plus has a special Northern Ireland themed level. The game is available on the BBC's new interactive Taster service, which aims to promote digital and technology content.

Play the game here.
See Newsbeat's coverage of it here.