Stealth and Facilities Update

Huge news! Last Days of Old Earth takes its tactical depth to a whole new level with the Stealth and Facilities update. Within this update, we introduce new Heroes and units for both factions with the devastating new abilities, Stealth and Saboteur. With these, as well as powerful new Facility cards which will allow greater movement, Action Points and Supply and more, players will now truly have the ability to stamp a play-style on the frozen wastelands of Earth. 

Whether you wish to go all-out with Heavy units, overwhelm your opponents with waves of light infantry, or utilise the sabotaging ways of the new cards included in this update, there are now countless possibilities to discover!

Unit additions and changes


New Heroes: Elena Rime-Treader, Brother Okubo, John Shiroma.

New Unit: Amarok Marksmen

Facilities: War Council, Absolution Font, Caravansary, Chullpa Beacon

Note: Tracker skill added to Wyrmbane Huskies and Spear Sister Trackers.


New Heroes: Nerrivik, Tele-MAT, Heironer

New Unit: Cazadore Drones

Facilities: Deep Core Generator, Quantum Processing, Sentient Network, Ourobos Recycler

Note: Tracker skill added to Mattocks and Brumby.

Stealth and Facility Abilities

Stealth - Heroes and Units with Stealth can slip past enemies undetected, revealing themselves to opponents just before they deliver a fatal blow.

Detection - All Heroes and Units have the capacity to Detect hidden Heroes and Units, though this chance is likely very small unless augmented by an Ability like Tracker.

Assassination - A card with the Assassination skill allows that Hero or Unit to kill enemy Heroes outside of battle, after having snuck up on them using Stealth. This dramatically weakens the opponent Army that Hero was leading.

Sabotage - There are two forms of Sabotage. Supply Disruption - Sabotaging an HQ, Outpost, or Collector using Supply Disruption will remove the Supply that Building provides, placing any Armies within at a very distinct disadvantage. Facility Destruction - Destroys the Facility at that Building, thwarting an opponent's best laid plans.

Pinpoint Targeting - Enemy units adjacent to a unit with this Ability have diminished Defence.

Repurposer - Bring back cards from the Discard Pile and add them to your hand.

Movement Bonus - Armies within supply range of the Structure are granted a movement bonus.

Extend Supply - Extends supply range of the Structure.

Increase Hand Size - Increase maximum hand size.

AP Boost - Generates +2 additional AP per turn.

Energy Stabilizer - Provides an additional +1 Energy per turn.

Enhanced Processing - When deploying from the structure an Army's movement cost is reduced.

Material Recovery - Refunds Material from the cost of playing a card.

Security AI - Buffs the Detection of this Structure's Garrison.

Tracker - Increases Detection rating of an Army.

This is the second of four major updates planned over the Early Access period. The Deck Builder was met with lots of great feedback and this update will not only make for more exciting decks, it will also hugely increase the strategy involved in overcoming your opponent.

The next Early Access update will be the introduction of Aircraft, which will allow players to rule the skies as well as the wastelands. If you haven't picked up the game yet, head on over to the Steam Store page, and keep your eyes peeled on the Community Hub for news, updates and discussion!

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