Last Days of Old Earth now out on Steam Early Access!

We're incredibly proud to announce that our latest project, Last Days of Old Earth, is now available on Steam's Early Access program.

Last Days of Old Earth is a tactical, hex-based strategy game set on the freezing remains of our planet, as humanity fights for survival against the mysterious, mechanical Automata, as well as nature itself.

Published by Slitherine, the game focuses on exploration and combat, as well as resource management to ensure players have the means to hold their own in the face of overwhelming adversity.

The plan over the Early Access period is to introduce new gameplay systems such as Stealth, Facilities and Aircraft, plus a full Deck Builder and Campaign Mode. All of this will be introduced over the coming months and will be free of charge for those that have already purchased the game.

Matt Davies

Marketing and Community Manager for Auroch Digital in Bristol, UK.

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