Campaign Mode comes to Last Days of Old Earth in major new content update

What is the history of the Skywatchers? Why has the rest of humanity disappeared? Who are the Automata and why are they out to exterminate you? Are these truly the final moments of life on our planet?

Explore LDoOE's narrative universe and lead one of the last remaining human tribes through cold and hostile lands, as Last Days of Old Earth receives its massive Campaign Mode update.

Available right now, for free, as part of our journey through Early Access, Campaign Mode comes with a full suite of single player levels for the Skywatchers, as well as selectable levels of difficulty with which to test your strategic abilities.

This addition is the last of four major Early Access content updates, following on from the addition of Air-based gameplay, Stealth mechanics, a comprehensive Deck Builder, and the new Units, Heroes, and Facilities that have come with them.

Head on over to our Steam Store Page now for more details and to purchase.

Matt Davies

Marketing and Community Manager for Auroch Digital in Bristol, UK.

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