Kickstarter success, a board game jam, a Yogscast Jingle Jam, Gamesforum interview, production methods, and fan-made Ogre videos


As the studio begins to wrap up work for the year, December has been an interesting and highly productive month for the team here at Auroch, with a number of projects in full swing, new opportunities coming to fruition, and top secret stuff just on the cusp of being unveiled.

It’s a fitting end to a 2017 that has been intensely busy, occasionally stressful, but most of all a tremendous success for the company.

The stars are right for Cthulhu Christmas Cards on Kickstarter

After our previous success on Kickstarter we always knew we would return to the crowdfunding platform for another project, hence our Cthulhu Christmas Cards. We’re pleased to announce it was 250% funded, deliveries have started to be received, and backers seem very pleased. More from us on Kickstarter early next year...

Auroch set to run The City of Games board games jam

Another Kickstarter success, this time from our friends behind the wonderful The City of Games. The event will be a big part of the board gaming calendar here in Bristol and Auroch has been asked to run the board game jam that will take place over the weekend. We can’t wait to see what attendees create!

Fantastic series of tutorial videos from an Ogre fan

We love when our community wants to make content based on our games, and GranitePenguin’s highly informative tutorial videos are no exception. We can’t wait to see how his viewers take the strategies and learnings from them and apply them to our game.

An Agile Approach to Making Games

Being a proud member of the Bristol Games Hub we’re often asked to give presentations on our processes and internal strategies, to the rest of the development community at the Anti-Social. At the recent November event, our Production Manager Nina Adams gave an excellent talk on how Agile production methodologies have changed the way we work.

Auroch’s artist joins panel on developing within Unity

The Bristol Unity Game Developers Group meets regularly to talk all things concerning Unity, with a recent panel focusing on how people from any background can pick up the tool. Chris Raadjes - UI Designer and 2D Artist at Auroch - was part of the sold out and warmly-received panel.

“You have to find what its heart is - why people love it”

Ahead of his talk at Gamesforum 2018, Design & Production Director Tomas Rawlings has been interviewed by the event organisers. He touches upon a multitude of subjects, including how we work with IP, making newsgames, and the Bristol games development community.

We’re in the Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017

We were honoured to be included in this year’s Yogscast Jingle Jam. This annual event sees the legendary British stream team gather up a load of great games, DLC, and more to raise money for charity. We included Chainsaw Warrior and Golgotha Run, a Dark Future novel in the bundle and they seem to have gone down a storm. You can find more details here.

Matt Davies

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