Ogre storms towards its release, revealing more about Dark Future, and a secret

Ogre_No_UI (1).jpg

Since we last spoke, we’ve had a bit of a whirlwind of interest in our Ogre project with Steve Jackson Games. The Ogre community has been wonderfully supportive of the game ahead of its launch on Steam, and the reaction from the game at Gen Con 2017 was also overwhelming.

We’ve generated a bunch of press too, here’s a small sample of the outlets that have covered us so far;

As an independent developer, we’re always very grateful for the coverage we receive from the press, and we’re equally thrilled when we see streamers and YouTubers playing our games too, such as this first play of the preview version of the game from Nitebytes.

Our friends at Unity also seem to like what they see, as they championed the game on the front page of their Made with Unity site, which was a huge honour.

Ogre is out on October 5th, so there’s not long left until it launches on Steam, and we can’t wait to see the reaction from fans.

On other projects, things are equally exciting. Above you see perhaps the earliest piece of marketing material we’ve ever made! It’s a photo from one of our designers of a rough physical prototype he’s been working on of an unannounced digital title we’re working on. We won’t be announcing this one for a while yet, but we’d love to hear theories on what people think it might be...

Plus the Producer of Dark Future: Blood Red States took part in an impromptu AMA on Reddit recently. There’s all sorts of questions in there about how we create video games based on tabletop IPs, so take a look if you’ve ever wondered about how we work.

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