How and why to review on Steam

Steam reviews are important.

They are really, important.

As a small independent games developer - Steam reviews are basically everything. Did you know 90% of all consumers will look at reviews before they purchase something online? Did you also know that Steam uses review numbers as a way to determine what games to promote?

The mystic art

So here is another interesting question: how many reviews have you ever left on Steam?

We are often so enamoured, or enthralled by a game that we often forget to pop over and give it a thumbs up and leave a comment saying how much we liked it. But the question is why don’t we?

If you are anything like the author (who is planning on leaving a lot more reviews after doing this research!) it’s often because you have never done it before and so a handy guide on how to would be helpful… and wouldn’t you know it… we have exactly that here!

The fool-proof guide to leaving a review on Steam (with photos)

Step 1: Log into Steam and find a game to review

We could pick anyone of these great titles…

We could pick anyone of these great titles…

Step 2: Click on Store Page and scroll down till you see the review box

I will not apologise for my love of Black Dynamite

I will not apologise for my love of Black Dynamite

Step 3: Type in your review into the box and then select a thumbs up (we hope!) or thumbs down.

As a developer we would love to know what you particularly loved about the game and/or thoughts about what might be added in the future.

Perks of the job...

Perks of the job...

Step 4: Move the mouse down to “Post review” click the button.

Step 5: Sit back, relax and embrace the joyous feeling of helping an indie developer make more awesome games.

This gif will be you after you’ve done.

In all seriousness, it is that easy and it is really helpful. So if you have bought one of our games (or any game from a developer you like) pop on Steam and leave a review. We’ll be super grateful for it!

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