Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics announced, City of Games, Global Game Jam 2018, and more...

Congratulations to those of you who got close to guessing what we were hinting at towards the end of our last post. That’s the biggest news of the month, so let’s open with that, shall we?

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics revealed, Kickstarter already funded and stretch goals being added

We’ve been teasing for months that we have something related to the Lovecraft Mythos in the works, and on the 7th of February our Kickstarter for Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics went live. A turn-based strategy with RPG elements, the game is set in the ultra-compelling world created by our partners at Modiphius, and is being published by the mighty Ripstone.

The public reaction has been fantastic, with stories already up on Twinfinite, TGN, RPGamer,, Tabletop Gaming, and more, and the reaction on Twitter was super positive too;

You can find out loads more about it on Kickstarter, where it was completely funded in 3 days, with stretch goals to add even more content unlocking as you read this.

We were at City of Games 2018

Don’t those orange hoodies look lovely? ;)

Yep, we were at City of Games. It was the Bristol board game expo’s first year and an absolute corker of an event. We were showing a pen and paper prototype of the Achtung! Cthulhu video game, which seemed to go down really well.

Plus we were talking about our work on Ogre and Chainsaw Warrior, complete with original copies of the board games to-hand, and we were secretly showing off a very early version of another new project that’s in the works - we’ll be talking more about this one in the coming year, but here's a picture just for fun...

And then of course we also ran the board game jam at the event. A huge thank you to all our participants, and to City of Games for putting on a fantastic show.

Global Game Jam 2018 was a roaring success

Speaking of game jams, we once again ran the Bristol edition of the Global Game Jam. It was a huge turnout, with people from all walks of life coming together to make games of all shapes and sizes.

As a developer very much linked with the Bristol games scene, we were really proud of the quality of output at this year’s event. You can try out the games for yourself over on the Global Game Jam website.

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