Dark Future Beta Weekend - 11th - 14th April

Explosive carnage, action strategy, cars doing things cars shouldn’t and the big empty that can only mean one thing, Dark Future: Blood Red States is nearly here.

For those of you who don’t know, our next game is scheduled for release this year, it's based on a classic Games Workshop board game (with the same name) and sees you step into a dark, dystopian world filled with danger everywhere. You battle through different missions to earn enough money for upgrades and unique skills in this action strategy game.

Our Beta Weekend, starting on the 11th April, will let you have access to a spercific part of the game, giving you a good overview of the gameplay and customisation options, and hopefully, wetting your appetite for the games launch

I want to be involved! How do I sign up?


It couldn’t be simpler:

  • Step 1: Visit this link and add your email address to the system

  • Step 2: Get a confirmation email

  • Step 3: We'll send you an access code

  • Step 4: Log into Steam and redeem your code

  • Step 5: Join our Discord which we’ll be running over the Beta for help, support and questions

  • Step 6: Step into Dark Future: Blood Red States

  • Step 7: Explode cars and be exploded lots

  • Step 7: Fill in the feedback form

  • Step 8: Get a code to get 5% off the game on launch
    (and it works with any other sales we MAY or MAY NOT do *heavy wink*)

That’s it! (Told you it was easy)

The beta runs from Thursday 11th until Monday 14th April at 10:00 (UK Time) when the keys will expire. The feedback form will close at 12:00 (UK Time), so make sure you fill it out to your discount code.

Final note… if you haven’t already wishlist the game now on Steam by clicking this handy link below

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