Chainsaw Warrior Competition Results

Huge thanks to all who entered our Chainsaw Warrior video competition. We've had fun looking though the results and it's time to share those with you all. We're going to announce the winner and also two 'honorable mentions'. So without further a-do the winner is....

Robert Turner's Let's Try Chainsaw Warrior (Winner!) This totally captured the brutal difficulty of the game. When it was released as a solo boardgame in 1987, you didn't want to get it home and complete it on the first run. Hence the game was designed to be hard, damn hard... Robert's run shows that - after extensive preparation for the most dangerous mission of his life he meets one of the most dangerous monsters right at the offset - Meat Machine - and get's chewed up. Classic.

(We also recommend checking out Robert's channel too!)

Honorable Mention - Scott Grieg's Run #2 Part 2 This was a great run. A tough fought mission (part 1 is here) that shows the brutal and unending waves of enemies the game throws at you. Scott does a sterling job, in the spirit of Chainsaw Warrior, of taking on the challenge and it's hard going, but he's making progress until... the Slime. Dang.

Honorable Mention - JMich's Damned Suicide Agents Another tough fought run. Things are going well, progress is being made until we meet a tough Mutant Thing who proceed to chew up poor CW while dosing him with radiation. Before long there is too much damage done and either accidentally or deliberately (??!) John activates the explosive vest and boom! No more mutant thing but Darkness is still out there...


We hope you enjoy the results as much as we did. Thanks again all for entering! If you want to have a go yourself, Chainsaw Warrior is out on Steam, iOS and Android. You can also sign up for the mailing list too (as there is much more good news on the way!)