Crysis and the Biological Singularity of Life

Another article by Auroch Digital's Tomas Rawlings is out on the Wellcome Trust blog:

A recent game release that has done well both critically and with fans is Crysis 2.  A ‘First Person Shooter’ (FPS), the player looks through the eyes of the character they control, shooting enemies and being shot at. That’s all good fun if you like that sort of thing, but why are we writing about it here?  Well, like Deus Ex (covered in an earlier post), Crysis 2 explores a number of interesting biomedical ideas.

The story is set in a war-torn Manhattan, where an alien incursion has turned the city into a dangerous no-go area. The few civilians who remain have become infested with an alien virus, while the aliens themselves have set about building mysterious funnel-like structures that reach into the sky. You play a rogue solider equipped with a powerful state-of-the-art nano(technology)-suit who is hunted by both the CEPH (the aliens) and human forces trying to control the area. The player’s technologically advanced suit is a pawn in a much bigger game that many people wish to possess.

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