Our Work with the Wellcome Trust

We're happy to say that we have been commissioned by the Wellcome Trust as  consultants on computer games.   The Wellcome Trust is a global charitable foundation with an endowment of about £13 billion which it uses primarily in funding biomedical research to improve human and animal health.  For example the Trust co-funded the decoding of much of the human genome.  Another example of an interesting project it has undertaken is  digitising back issues of important medical journals then making them freely available. Part of the Trust's work is also about enabling the public to explore and become involved with biomedical science, its future directions, its impacts on society and the ethical questions that it brings, and that's where our work comes in.  Games are a great means of engaging people that gets them thinking and interacting, but does not bash them over the head with the issue.

We're also happy to announce that we have just signed a second contract with Wellcome to produce their first game around the issue of 'Dirt', working with Toytek as the developer. We're excited about both projects and will keep you posted!