Job Opportunity: Accounts Administrator/Office Manager (Full-time post)

Auroch Digital is looking for a qualified, experienced accounts administrator/office manager, based at Bristol Games Hub.  Must be AAT qualified, with plenty of on the job experience.

Competitive salary for the right person, based on a 40 hour contract.

Please contact Nina with CV and a covering letter; nina at

Deadline is Monday 17th March at 12 noon.  Interviews to take place later that week.

No recruitment agencies, thank you!

Note - this vacancy has now been filled, thanks.

Part-time Book-keeper Job Opportunity at Auroch Digital

Auroch Digital have an opening for immediate start for a qualified, experienced book-keeper, initially for 2 days per week. Please send CV and a covering letter to nina at aurochdigital dot com. Note - this vacancy has now been filled. Thanks.

Wellcome Trust Develop Conference Sessions

Auroch Digital has been working with The Wellcome Trust to produce two fantastic session are this years Develop Conference in Brighton. The first is:

Live Pitch in partnership with The Wellcome Trust

10 Jul 201312:00 - 12:45Room 3

Four indie developer studios pitch their latest game ideas LIVE to a panel of publishers, investors and funders! Earlier this year four indies each received development funding of up to £10,000 from The Wellcome Trust for their novel game concepts. Now they'll be pitching those developed concepts to a panel of industry experts on the hunt for the next big thing. These experienced individuals have seen hundreds of pitches and will be offering their take on each idea – and of course looking out for any they may want to invest in themselves.

And the second session is:

Plague Inc. – 10 Million Downloads and Counting: The Power of Realistic Game Design

10 Jul 201314:00 - 14:45Room 5

Plague Inc. from Ndemic Creations was one of the top mobile games of 2012 with millions of players working to infect and kill the world’s population with a deadly disease. Created as a hobby, it has become so successful that it even attracted the attention of America's CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). In this interview organised by the Wellcome Trust, we'll ask James Vaughan to explain how Plague Inc. was created and the advantages that come from basing a game on a real world topic. We will also investigate the balance of realism vs. gameplay, discuss how to make science appealing and identify his top lessons for other developers seeking to make successful, realistic games.

Plague Inc screenshot

How We Evolve Fun

Tomas has a new article out on

Inspired by Darwin, Tomas Rawlings asks whether incremental evolution of games will lead to a loss of innovation

Charles Darwin used to have a special route in his huge garden in Down House, Kent which he would methodically route around again and again. Walking helped him to think and he was thinking big; really big. He was pondering the diversity of life and trying to understand it. Why were there so many variations of animal such as the many types of finches? How could he account for the strange fossilised creatures he and others had been unearthing? It was a vexatious problem.

What he (and some of his peers) eventually developed was the then ground-breaking theory of evolution by natural selection. ... But what has this got to with video games? These ideas will become more and more key to what we do. Let me explain...