How We Evolve Fun

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Inspired by Darwin, Tomas Rawlings asks whether incremental evolution of games will lead to a loss of innovation

Charles Darwin used to have a special route in his huge garden in Down House, Kent which he would methodically route around again and again. Walking helped him to think and he was thinking big; really big. He was pondering the diversity of life and trying to understand it. Why were there so many variations of animal such as the many types of finches? How could he account for the strange fossilised creatures he and others had been unearthing? It was a vexatious problem.

What he (and some of his peers) eventually developed was the then ground-breaking theory of evolution by natural selection. ... But what has this got to with video games? These ideas will become more and more key to what we do. Let me explain...

Bristol's Part in Global Game Jam

We're happy to say that Bristol is one of the 212+ sites from 46+ countries that are taking part in the Global Game Jam.  If you're new to the term, 'Game Jam' is an informal development session where people get together and create a game from scratch around a theme.  Auroch Digital is providing project support to the Bristol event.  The event is going to be at the PM Studio on 27th till 29th January 2012.  Places are limited and going fast, so if you are interested then please sign up asap! Hashtags for the event: #ggj12  for the global event,  #ggj12bristol  for Bristol.