Bristol Games Jam a Huge Success

We helped organise the recent Bristol Game Jam, part of the huge Global Game Jam, taking place in 44 countries with over 1500 games made (more about what a 'Game Jam' is here).  The event was a huge success with full attendance and lots of great games made.  For example this one (below) which is notable as it won a Bristol award for including accessibility functionality within its development (a sub-theme at this years event).

Tomas has written a longer blog post about it here.

Bristol's Part in Global Game Jam

We're happy to say that Bristol is one of the 212+ sites from 46+ countries that are taking part in the Global Game Jam.  If you're new to the term, 'Game Jam' is an informal development session where people get together and create a game from scratch around a theme.  Auroch Digital is providing project support to the Bristol event.  The event is going to be at the PM Studio on 27th till 29th January 2012.  Places are limited and going fast, so if you are interested then please sign up asap! Hashtags for the event: #ggj12  for the global event,  #ggj12bristol  for Bristol.